Checking the Paluxy River level

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Most of the tracks on most sites near Glen Rose are under water most of the year. Mid to late summer, when the river is usually at its lowest level, is the best time to see dinosaur tracks in Dinosaur Valley State Park. If planning a visit to see the tracks, checking the Paluxy Paluxy water level is helpful. When viewing the graphs at the water level site (the second graph on the page), the following rules of thumb apply. When the gauge height is above 1.8 feet, most of the tracks are under water and usually difficult to see. One can still see nice casts of the tracks at the interpretive center (both inside and outside) near the park entrance. When the gauge height is 1.8 feet or lower, at least some of the tracks at the Main Site (park site#2) and Denio Branch Site (site #3) in the state park are exposed. When the level falls to 1.5 feet, most of the Blue Hole (site #1) tracks are exposed or at least visible under shallow water. When the level is below 1.5 feet, most tracks on most sites are exposed (but may still be covered or filled with mud).

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