ICR Continues to Disseminate Paluxy Track Misinformation

© 2006-2007, Glen J. Kuban

In late 1985 John Morris, then vice president of the Institute for Creation Research in California (now president of ICR), along with Paul Taylor and other representatives from Eden Films (formerly Films for Christ), met with me at the Paluxy tracksites to reevaluate their past claims regarding human and dinosaur tracks. At that time I showed them evidence from my years of extensive on-site research that the most celebrated "man tracks" at the Taylor Site were forms of partly infilled, metatarsal dinosaur tracks, and that other alleged human tracks were erosional markings and in a smaller number of cases, doctored or carved prints. By the end of these on site meetings, Morris and the FFC representatives indicated that they largely agreed with these assessments, and that they knew of no valid or convincing evidence of human tracks in the Paluxy Riverbed.

Within days after these meetings FFC stopped renting their "man track" promoting film Footprints in Stone. A few months later John Morris (1986) authored an ICR Impact article addressing his reevaluation of the tracks. Although Morris' article characterized the track evidence as "mysterious" and fostered some continued misconceptions about it (Kuban, 1986), he acknowledged that the "human" prints were in serious question, and recommended that creationists not use the Paluxy evidence as an argument against evolution. Shortly afterward ICR ceased selling Morris' book Tracking Those Incredible Dinosaurs, which had strongly encouraged the human track claims.

Curiously, however, for years afterward ICR continued to sell literature promoting the human track claims, in contradiction to their own recommendation. Among these was a tract tract entitled Have You Been Brainwashed? (as reviewed by Stassen, 1994), as well as several ICR-published books. Although they eventually corrected the "Brainwashed" track, in August 2006, almost 20 years after the Impact article mentioned above, I purchased from ICR copies of their popular books Scientific Creationism and The Genesis Flood. Both continue to advocate the Paluxy "man tracks" without any corrections or qualifications. Some creationists have suggested that this may be because ICR considers these books to be "classics" and thus does not want to alter them. However, this explanation does not seem credible, since both books have been revised a number of times since their original publication. Moreover, even if ICR wanted to preserve the 1985 status of these books, an insert or other means of clarifying the status of the Paluxy tracks could be used, such as an addendum or insert. If ICR is really concerned with truth or consistency, not doing so is hard to understand, and I urge it's management to correct the situation as soon as possible.


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