Theropod dinosaur track, probably made by Acrocanthosaurus, Lower Cretaceous, Glen Rose Limestone, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose, Texas. (C) 1988, Glen J. Kuban

Dinosaur Tracks and Ichnology

Glen J. Kuban
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This web site provides links to sites on dinosaur tracks and other aspects of ichnology--the study of trace fossils. Trace fossils are any marks or other evidence of an ancient animal made while it was still alive, rather than its dead remains. Trace fossils include ancient footprints, bite marks, claw marks, burrows, borings, dens, nests, hives, coprolites, invertebrate trails, feeding traces, and any other marks indicating the movement, activity, or behavior of an ancient creature. Sometimes it may be difficult to determine if a marking is a trace fossil or a body fossil. For example, a skin impression can be either, depending on whether it was made while the animal was alive, or after death. Some fossils can be both body and trace fossils. For example, a fossil egg containing an embryo (a rare find!) can be considered a track fossil of an adult but a body fossil of the juvenile.

Overview of Dinosaur Tracking by Glen Kuban. Discusses the formation, interpretation, and documentation of dinosaur tracks.

On the Right Track by Glen Kuban. The Relevance of Vertebrate Trace Fossils to Extictions

Dinosaur Tracks and the Paluxy Dinosaur/"Man track" Controversy by Glen Kuban Addresses claims that human and dinosaur tracks occur together in the Paluxy Riverbed near Glen Rose Texas. Includes numerous articles, references, and links to related sites.

Photo gallery of dinosaur tracksites by Glen Kuban. Features several tracksites in Texas and other states.

Dinosaur Trackers Research Group, Colorado University, Features the work of renown dinosaur track expert Martin Lockley.

Introduction to Ichnology: The Study of Plant & Animal Traces
- by Tony Martin. Includes links to other paleontological resources, as well as a Trace Fossil Image Database

Dinosaur Trace Fossils
- by Tony Martin. Illustrated articles on dinosaur tracks, eggs, and coprolites.

Dinosaur Trace Fossil Links
- Dinosaur Ichnology Links compiled by Tony Martin

Dinnosaur Tracks & Trackways University of Bristol

Dinosaur Tracksites of the Western U.S.
Links to western tracksites, compiled by Glen Kuban

Triassic-Jurassic Footprint Project, Amerst College, MA
- Develped by Paul Olsen. Features the famous Hitchcock
Collection at Pratt Museum

Dinosaur Prints at Holyoke, Massachusetts
- Gary Gaulin describes a remarkable set of dinosaur tracks found right in his own backyard. Includes an interesting newspaper story on the find.

Dinosaur Footprints in Australia
- By Tony Thulborn and Tim Hamley

Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill, CT
- Hundreds of dinosaur tracks on a single surface, displayed under a domed building with interpretive exhibits

Photos from Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill, CT

Dinosaur Footprints in Coal
- By Andrew MacRae

Dinosaur Tracks: From Stride to Leg Length to Speed
- Classroom lesson by Maryann Buehler and Amy Quillen Woodrow.

GJRA Paleo Page
- Describes dinosaur tracks at Grand Junction, Colorado

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